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Advancing technologies and business solutions to drive a sustainable future

Strong environmental, social and governance (ESG) performance is central to everything we do and everything we stand for. Our goal is to work toward delivering net-zero products and solutions across our company, our industry and, ultimately, our world.

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At Oxy, sustainability is fundamental to our success and reputation as the employer, neighbor and Partner of Choice.®

We are dedicated to safeguarding our employees, benefitting neighboring communities, strengthening regional economies and advancing innovative solutions to global energy and environmental challenges. Our employees drive our vision to serve as an innovative and sustainable leader in the effort to accelerate the successful transition to a low-carbon world.

We have a safety culture that seeks continuous improvement in safety performance. We foster constructive engagement with neighbors, non-profit organizations and communities throughout our operations.

Oxy continually evaluates ways that we can integrate sustainability throughout our operations, improve our sustainability programs and performance and transparently share our progress with stakeholders.


Oxy is progressing its vision as an innovative and sustainable energy leader with industry-leading initiatives and investments to enable a low-carbon future. As part of our pursuit of sustainability in all facets of our business, Oxy strives to diligently identify and address our key environmental, social and governance (ESG) risks and opportunities. We integrate ESG criteria into our strategic planning and investment decision-making process and perform routine risk assessments to support readiness for emerging challenges and opportunities.

We use a variety of methods and metrics, such as priority topics assessments and value chain impact mapping, to discern and assess important sustainability issues raised by internal and external stakeholders. This process informs our sustainability strategy and programs and helps us to improve transparency and report on the issues that matter most to our stakeholders.

Engagements in recent years have resulted in enhancements to Oxy’s sustainability programs and reporting such as:

  • The content of our climate and sustainability reports.
  • Matters related to corporate governance, including the adoption of proxy access and the amendments to our charter to, among other things, facilitate shareholders’ ability to act by written consent and call special meetings.
  • The executive compensation program, including the design of the short-term incentive program.

Oxy seeks to meet our sustainability and environmental goals through the development and commercialization of technologies that lower both GHG emissions from industrial processes and existing atmospheric concentrations of CO2. Oxy believes that carbon removal technologies, including Direct Air Capture (DAC) and Carbon Capture, Utilization and Storage (CCUS), can, given the necessary incentives for their development and deployment, provide essential CO2 reductions to assist the world’s transition to a less carbon-intensive economy.

Oxy strives to implement sustainable business practices across all of our business units. We value input from our stakeholders and use their feedback to refine our sustainability strategy.

Four Pillars of Sustainability

Oxy's sustainability strategy and reporting align with the World Economic Forum’s four pillars of Stakeholder Capitalism. Each pillar represents a key focus area as we continue to implement and enhance sustainable business practices and programs.

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Principles of Governance

Oxy's governance structure supports our commitment to advancing a lower-carbon world. We hold our leadership accountable with criteria that reflect our company's purpose and strategy, our commitment to ethical behavior in our Code of Business Conduct, and our attention to assessing risk and internal controls. We implement responsible policies and robust management systems to foster and reinforce business practices that are consistently sound, highly principled and transparent.

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We strive to minimize our operational footprint, protect ecosystems and implement conservation practices. Environmental stewardship is a responsibility of each member of our workforce.


In our fast-paced, competitive industry, we strive to provide safe, supportive and high-quality work environments that reward innovation. Our exemplary safety performance reflects our commitment to protecting the health and safety of the people at our facilities and in the communities where we operate.


We seek to strengthen economies where we operate through our local hiring, investments in our operations and infrastructure, and contributions to non-profit organizations that help communities to develop and thrive. That means taking time to listen to local leaders and neighbors, understand the regions where we operate, and engage in partnerships that address community needs and create economic opportunity and inclusive social development.

By investing our time and resources in programs and initiatives that support the areas surrounding our operations where our employees live and work, we seek to advance our relationships with neighboring communities and promote mutually beneficial outcomes.

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