Sustainability at Oxy is: Operationalizing environmental and social performance to maximize value, minimize risks, and realize our Partner of Choice vision.

At Occidental, Sustainability is fundamental to our success and reputation as a Partner of Choice ®. We are committed to conducting our business in a manner that safeguards our employees, protects the environment, benefits neighboring communities and strengthens local economies. We take particular pride in Occidental's safety record, which is exemplary not only in the oil and gas and chemicals industries, but compared to any industry sector.

Occidental's success is built on technical expertise, business acumen, strong partnerships and our proven ability to deliver lasting results. Founded in 1920, we are an industry leader in applying advanced technology to boost production from mature oil and natural gas fields and access hard-to-recover reserves. Occidental's CO2 Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) techniques for increased oil production is a key competitive advantage for the company. Occidental's wholly owned subsidiary, OxyChem, is a leading manufacturer of PVC resins, vinyls, chlorine and caustic soda - key building blocks to life-enhancing products such as pharmaceuticals, water treatment chemicals, building materials and plastics.

As Oxy enters its centennial year of operation, the company has solidified its vision as an innovative and sustainable leader with industry-leading initiatives and investments for a low-carbon future. Oxy continues to evaluate ways to integrate Sustainability throughout the company. To this end it has recently instituted a Board-level Sustainability and Shareholder Engagement Committee to provide oversight and leadership on environmental, social, governance and sustainability matters, including climate-related risks and opportunities.

We have also begun the process of conducting an assessment of key sustainability issues for internal and external stakeholders, in order to inform our sustainability approach and programs, as well as to improve transparency and report on the issues that matter most to our stakeholders. More information about this process and our performance indicators can be found in the "Performance" section of this website.

Our Approach to Sustainability

Occidental is committed to respecting the environment, operating safely and upholding high standards of ethics and Sustainability throughout the company's worldwide operations. Occidental's Sustainability Framework is rooted in our core values of integrity, investment and innovation. This framework promotes transparency and collaboration with our key stakeholders to develop and implement Sustainability programs categorized into five pillars:

  • Governance and Transparency
  • Workforce Development
  • Health and Safety
  • Environmental Stewardship, including Climate Change and Energy
  • Economic and Social Development

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