Energy Marketing

Occidental Energy Marketing, Inc. (OEMI)

Occidental Energy Marketing, Inc. (OEMI), a subsidiary of Occidental​, engages in a wide range of energy marketing activities with customers involved in natural gas, natural gas liquids and crude oil markets in North America and select international markets. As the marketing arm of one of the largest U.S. oil and gas companies, based on equity market capitalization, OEMI has the financial strength and balance sheet to provide long-term, reliable transaction capability. In addition, OEMI's affiliate, Occidental Power Services, Inc. conducts power generation and marketing operations throughout North America.

In natural gas marketing, OEMI is a major participant in the Rockies, Northwest, Gulf Coast and Midwest markets, and is one of the top natural gas marketers in North America. OEMI is also a leading participant in key U.S. crude oil market centers in Oklahoma, Texas and the Gulf Coast.

OEMI's Houston, Texas, trading headquarters is staffed by seasoned professionals equipped with reliable and advanced technologies. OEMI personnel provide regional expertise and experience to help your company achieve the results you expect from your energy marketer. OEMI meets your needs by providing competitive prices, experience, technology and a commitment to operational excellence. OEMI puts it all together for you with Our energy...Your results​.

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