Natural Gas

​Occidental Energy Marketing, Inc. (OEMI) has the advantage of being a subsidiary of Occidental​—​one of the largest oil and gas companies in the U.S., based on equity market capitalization, with significant assets in Texas, New Mexico and Oklahoma. OEMI's affiliation with Occidental provides the financial strength for OEMI to execute complex transactions while supplying natural gas to markets in Arizona/Nevada, Northwest, Gulf Coast and the Midwest.

OEMI professionals utilize a flexible, reliable gas ​measurement and communications network to leverage storage and production assets to bring customers a high level of service. Our marketing professionals are continually updated on market indicators and market dynamics at all major U.S. pipeline hubs, providing the right combination of knowledge and experience to respond to our customers' energy needs.


OEMI's gas marketing group monitors and tracks market dynamics at all major U.S.
pipeline hubs. The combination of  knowledge and experience helps OEMI respond quickly to customer needs.

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