Occidental is committed to using advanced technology to maximize oil and natural gas production in a safe and efficient manner.

The company invests in state-of-the-art equipment and tools to find, develop, produce and deliver energy resources around the globe. Technology plays an integral role in every phase of this process, from exploration to field development to operations management.

Advanced technologies contribute to top performance in areas including safety and environmental stewardship, reservoir description and modeling, horizontal drilling, new well drilling, facility construction, field automation, artificial lift, well and equipment maintenance, and fluid processing.

A key example of Occidental's technological capability is the application of Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) techniques to generate growth of production and reserves. Occidental is a global leader in carbon dioxide (CO2) EOR technology and actively employs other EOR techniques to maximize production. We use these techniques in existing oilfields that have substantial remaining oil in place to greatly increase recovery and extend field life.

In a collaborative work environment, Occidental engineers and geoscientists combine expertise and ingenuity with cutting-edge technology to achieve the results that help define our success.