Product Stewardship

OxyChem is committed to high ethical standards and the protection of health, safety and the environment. Product stewardship is one of the cornerstones of OxyChem's business, and the company's rigorous programs have for many years helped us earn a reputation as one of the safest producers in the industry. OxyChem’s Product Stewardship systems help ensure the safe and knowledgeable use of our products throughout the world and universal compliance with product- related regulations.

Product Stewardship

OxyChem is a leading North American manufacturer and marketer of PVC resins, basic chemicals such as chlorine and caustic soda, and various specialty chemical products.  As a manufacturer and marketer of commodity and specialty chemicals, OxyChem generally does not sell directly to end-users, but instead sells its products to other manufacturers and distributors.

OxyChem complies with chemical product regulations designed to advance product safety, including the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) pesticide product registration program and the Toxic Substances Control Act, the European Union’s REACH (Registration, Evaluation and Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals) and CLP (Classification, Labelling and Packaging) regulations, as well as many other chemical regulatory frameworks throughout the world.  OxyChem also participates in voluntary initiatives, including the American Chemistry Council's Responsible Care® program, which requires the implementation of the Responsible Care® Product Safety Code.

Toxic Substances Control Act

The Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA) regulates all existing and new commercial substances that may present an unreasonable health or environmental risk during manufacture, processing, import, export, use or disposal. Anyone importing or producing a new substance not on the inventory must notify EPA prior to manufacture or import. Most OxyChem products are regulated by TSCA as existing chemicals. Occasionally, a new product will be introduced and an appropriate premanufacture notice (PMN) will be submitted to the EPA. OxyChem's product stewardship initiatives, facility environmental and new chemical development personnel manage corporate compliance.

Federal Insecticide, Fungicide, and Rodenticide Act (FIFRA)

OxyChem produces sanitizers and water treatment products, including pesticide-grade chlorine, sodium hypochlorite, sodium chlorite and ACL® chlorinated isocyanurates.  These products are regulated as pesticides in the United States under FIFRA and must be registered with the EPA and state agencies.  OxyChem provides comprehensive information on product pesticide applications through labels with EPA approved uses, safety data sheets (SDS), and product handbooks and bulletins.

International Regulations

OxyChem monitors international regulations to ensure commercial compliance for both OxyChem and its customers. Regulations often include product notification concerning physical properties, toxicology, environmental fate, use, handling and disposal. Products sold into the European Union through Occidental Chemical Belgium BVBA, the only representative of OxyChem, are compliant with the EU REACH and CLP regulations.

Safety Data Sheets

OxyChem maintains a database of safety data sheets (SDS) for every product imported, exported, produced or used by OxyChem. North American SDSs are designed to meet the requirements of the OSHA Hazard Communication Standard in the United States, as well as similar standards in Canada.  Separate locally compliant SDSs are created for product that is exported to locations outside of the United States.  SDSs are updated regularly and available to the public through this website, by request at or by calling (972) 404-3245.

Product Labeling

OxyChem product labels provide accurate information on the safe handling and use of hazardous chemicals to workers and comply with applicable regulatory standards, including the OSHA Hazard Communication Standard requirements in the United States and applicable local requirements outside of the United States.  Product information includes hazard warnings, precautions, first aid, safe transport, storage and disposal information.

Product Safety

Integral to the product stewardship effort, OxyChem demonstrates its commitment to product safety through implementation of the Responsible Care® Product Safety Code.  OxyChem has established a risk management program for products and major secondary materials manufactured by OxyChem.  The risk assessment for each chemical is based on analysis of the hazard it poses and its likelihood of exposure.  Using this strategy, products are evaluated and prioritized for potential adverse effects, and risk-reduction practices are implemented, such as recommending personal protective equipment and providing additional technical support to customers.

OxyChem’s Product Risk Assessment Process:


OxyChem promotes the safe use and handling of its products through training and by providing information Safety Data Sheets (SDS), handbooks, videos and product technical data.  As part of OxyChem's commitment to Responsible Care®, we have developed Product Stewardship Summaries for our high priority and core chemicals.  The following Product Stewardship Summaries are currently available:       


If you have any questions or need additional information about OxyChem's Product Stewardship programs, please contact:

Robert S. Schuster
Director, Product Stewardship
(972) 404-2434

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