HESS Philosophy

OxyChem has a long-standing commitment to the protection of people and the environment. We believe in safety and health excellence, environmental stewardship and high ethical standards. These key elements are fundamental to the responsible operation of our business.

We show respect for the environment and the well-being of our employees and other stakeholders. We are committed to protecting our assets and keeping our facilities secure. Compliance with all applicable health, environmental, safety and security laws and regulations is expected.

The following principles provide the foundation of OxyChem's operating philosophy:

  • Utilize health, environment, safety and security (HESS) systems, procedures, work practices and employee training to enhance HESS performance, awareness and compliance.

  • Design, construct and maintain facilities consistent with recognized engineering standards.

  • Responsibly manage waste materials.

  • Minimize the release of pollutants to the environment.

  • Make efficient use of energy and natural resources.

  • Protect facilities to ensure safe operations and continued supply of product.

  • Provide information on the safe handling, use and disposal of OxyChem products.

  • Maintain dialogue with communities about HESS issues.

  • Work with stakeholders to ensure products deliver their intended benefits to society while protecting public health and the environment.

Exemplary commitment to these principles is integral to OxyChem's success. Above all, the company strives to improve HESS performance through dedicated leadership and the involvement and accountability of all employees.

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