Resume Tips

​​Why do some job-seekers land an interview while others don't? A spot-on resume can make all the difference. Some tips to make your resume shine:

Keep it short.

Limit your resume to one or two pages.​

Put the education section first if you’re a recent college grad.

Once you gain experience, academic degrees and honors should be listed toward the end of your resume.

Include your GPA.

Provide your GPA on a 4.0 scale.

Short on job experience? Promote what you’ve got.

Don’t overlook the skills gained from jobs you held just to get through school. You may have also gained valuable experience from:

  • Foreign-language study and fluency in multiple languages.
  • Alternative learning experiences, such as international studies or conducting research.
  • Previous internships.
  • Computer skills and experiences.
  • Volunteer activities.
  • Extracurricular activities, if relevant to your career goals.

Be sure to highlight awards and scholarships or leadership roles at school.

Non-paid experience counts, too.

We’re interested in your skills, even if you were not paid to develop them. Highlight non-paid work and experiences if they provided new skills.

Be selective about pre-college information.​

For example, if you won a national award or accomplished something else noteworthy during high school – especially if related to your field – consider including it.

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