Employee Resource Groups

Employee Resource Groups (ERGs)

Voluntary ERGs promote community, knowledge-sharing and employee engagement within our organization.

Employee-led groups foster a vibrant and inclusive workplace.


Women of Oxy Network (WON)

Women of Oxy Network (WON) is dedicated to the career enhancement and advancement of women at Occidental through networking, education, development, mentoring and advocacy. By sharing experiences and information, we can help one another develop to further Occidental’s success.


Early Career Network (ECN)

Our mission is to develop, inspire and unite early career employees. Through the ECN, we:

  • Provide opportunities for technical learning through exposure to all facets of the business.
  • Teach effective business communication and skills.
  • Promote networking opportunities with senior leadership and local community organizations.
  • Encourage networking across Occidental through organized events and volunteering.

Our vision is to make Occidental the employer of choice for early career professionals in the energy industry.


Women’s Geoscience Network of Oxy (WGN)

The WGN is an employee networking group that fosters the exchange of educational, technical and professional information. It also provides a forum to support personal and professional growth of women through outreach activities.

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