What Employees Say


I joined Oxy because I wanted to work for a large company with a variety of opportunities — including international postings. I very much enjoy the people I work with, and Oxy has proven to be a very good fit for my skills.

I work in an asset that has opportunity everywhere — we have a young, enthusiastic team, and there is great energy and chemistry in our group. We are at the beginning of a very exciting time, and it will be incredibly rewarding to be a part of building a significant piece of business for Oxy. Beyond that, there is a tremendous range of possibilities, and although I have some ideas, I’m waiting to see the shape of the company at that time. One thing I’m confident of, though, is that there will always be something exciting to do.

Oxy offers an amazingly wide range of options for growth, in terms of different types of reservoirs, operations, roles, and locations — more so than other, larger companies I’ve worked for. Between the range of options and the general openness to new, exciting technologies, there is nothing but opportunity to grow, and along the way, contribute to the company and the industry as a whole.


I came to Oxy because I wanted to be able to use my double background in Geology and Petroleum Engineering and I was impressed with Oxy’s technical excellence and international exposure.

My experience with Oxy has been different than at my previous employers because of the diversity here. Also, Oxy emphasizes personal development and offers exposure to worldwide engineering (geomodeling and simulation).

The best things about working at Oxy are the people, the opportunities and the challenging and diverse technical work.

I started with Oxy in a technical role and moved to a project management role, which gave me great exposure to different disciplines in the industry. Oxy helped me develop technical and project management skills through different roles. These experiences will help me to move forward in my career with Oxy.


I came to work at Oxy from Australia because I wanted to work for a world leader in enhanced oil recovery — one that was more nimble than the major oil companies. I had heard that Oxy moves at a faster pace than most of its peers and that has certainly turned out to be the case.

I’ve been given significantly more responsibility at Oxy than my previous employer. Oxy is supportive of new and creative ideas. Oxy has very little bureaucracy or “red tape” and has quite a flat organizational structure, relative to its peers. This means that it moves quickly on new development projects and gives younger staff exposure to the company’s leadership team and opportunities to prove themselves and grow. Oxy has been very supportive of my career development, paying for my Master’s in Petroleum Engineering and providing plenty of career advice.

I’m very fortunate to have been given responsibility for the production forecasting and economic analysis of a large enhanced oil recovery with carbon sequestration project. To be able to work on such a world first is a great opportunity. In the long term I see a very real possibility of moving into a senior leadership position and Oxy encourages that ambition.

If you show initiative and get involved to “Make Your Mark,” then you will receive the support you need to grow and develop as an individual, while helping the company achieve its goals.


I began my career with Oxy as an Accountant and then moved into a Business Analyst position in the Finance group. Most recently, I took a position as a Product Manager in Marketing. With each of these opportunities I have acquired new skills and I hope to continue to grow through taking on new challenges and roles.

What keeps me at Oxy are the people. You can have the greatest job in the world, but if you don’t like the people you work with, you are going to be miserable. Fortunately for me I have a job I really enjoy and co-workers with whom I enjoy working. I have had several opportunities to develop my business knowledge through special projects and job movements. I think every role I’ve had within Oxy has been both a challenge and an opportunity.

I started with Oxy right out of college, so to say I have grown over the last 10 years would be an understatement. The people I’ve worked with and the positions I’ve held have helped me grow tremendously, both professionally and personally.

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