Internships FAQs


How do I apply for an internship with Oxy?

Oxy recruits top talent at a variety of colleges and universities each year during the months of September and October. Please check with your campus career services to see if Oxy will be scheduled on your campus. Oxy also posts available internship and new grad opportunities online for those students who attend a college or university we do not have an opportunity to visit.

What can I expect to do at Oxy during a summer internship?

Oxy interns often share the same job responsibilities as full-time employees. We are looking for Petroleum, Chemical, Mechanical, Petrochemical, and Electrical Engineering; Geophysics and Geology; Land Management; and Health, Environment and Safety (HES) students who want "hands-on" experience. Interns are given real work with real challenges. As an intern, you'll be part of a team assembled to deliver on-time results while working with other Oxy employees.

Can I still be an intern if I don't have the specific degrees mentioned?

Yes. Please check our list of available intern positions for an opportunity in your field of study.

Will I work in different groups, or focus on one specific area?

We want you to become very involved with your project, so we assign you to a specific group for the entire summer. It's the best way to give you an opportunity to make a real contribution. However, there will be plenty of opportunities to work closely with other groups and departments when providing support from your job function.

How long do internships last?

A minimum of 8 to 10 weeks – enough time to dive into a project and make a real contribution. Generally, internships are available during the summer.

Internships at Oxy sound exciting and a little daunting. How can I be successful?

At Oxy, we will give you every opportunity to succeed by pairing you with a mentor - a colleague in your group who can show you the ropes and answer your questions. As you gain confidence and develop your skills, you'll be given more responsibility. Your mentor is responsible for challenging you and preventing you from becoming overwhelmed.

What kinds of opportunities do you offer?

Oxy will offer you an internship based on your academic discipline and status. Please explore the opportunities by viewing our available internship positions.

Will Oxy take care of getting me to the job site and pay for my housing?

Interns are eligible for relocation assistance depending on the distance from your school to your new Oxy work location. In addition, either a lump-sum stipend or fully furnished housing option is given to all interns who qualify for relocation assistance.

Will I get paid?

Yes! Our salaries are competitive within the industry for internship positions.

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