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  • Production Date – Month and year product was sold.

  • Product Code - Code used to identify product sold. See Product Code legend in upper right hand corner of statement.

  • Interest Type - Type of interest owned. See Interest Type in upper right-hand corner of statement.

  • Property Quantity - Total volume of product sold from property shown in barrels (oil, condensate), MCF (gas, helium), gallons (liquid products) or tons (sulphur).

    • Property quantity may be rounded to the next whole number for purposes of display on this check stub. When the property quantity is less than 10 MCF, such rounding may materially affect the price shown on this check for display purposes only, but does not affect the precision of the underlying calculation of value. In such situations, more precise information about the property quantities and prices can be obtained by calling the number provided on this check stub.

  • Price - Price per unit.

  • BTU (British Thermal Unit) - Heating value of gas.

  • Property Gross Value - Total value of product sold from property.

  • Property Adjustments/Taxes - Total amount of taxes/adjustments for property.

  • Property Net Value - Total value of property after deduction of taxes and/or adjustments.

  • Owner Decimal Interest - Percentage of product sold attributable to your ownership interest (as shown on Division Order). If others are marketing their product separately, decimal shown may be inflated.

  • Owner Gross Value - Your share of property gross value.

  • Owner Adjustments/Taxes - Your share of property taxes and/or adjustments.

  • Adjustment Code - Code used to identify adjustment made.See Adjustment Code legend in upper right hand corner of statement.

  • Owner Net Value - Your share of property net value.

  • Owner Number - Your owner number. This number is uniquely assigned to you and should be included on all correspondence to Anadarko.

  • Check Date and Check Number

  • Check Amount - The total amount payable to you for this check.

  • Property - Property number, property name, and county and state where property is located

  • Owner Name and Address - The name and address we currently have on file for you. If this is incorrect please notify Anadarko via online change of address form.