John E. Feick

John E. Feick
Director since 1998

Chair of Environmental, Health and Safety Committee since 2012; Member of: Corporate Governance, Nominating and Social Responsibility Committee; and, Executive Compensation Committee

Mr. Feick, 73, is the Chairman and a significant stockholder of Matrix Solutions Inc., a provider of environmental remediation and reclamation services. Until 2011, he was Chairman and a significant stockholder of Kemex Engineering Services, Ltd., which offers engineering and design services to the petrochemical, refining and gas processing industries. From 1984 to 1994, Mr. Feick was President and Chief Operating Officer of Novacor Chemicals, a subsidiary of Nova Corporation. He previously served as Chairman of the Board of Directors of Oak Point Energy Ltd., an oil sands exploration and development company, and was a Director of Veresen Inc. and Graham Construction.

Qualifications: Mr. Feick possesses a deep understanding of both the oil and gas and chemicals industries along with broad experience in environmental compliance and remediation. He has served as President and Chairman of a company specializing in environmental services and served as Chairman of an oil and gas and petrochemicals specialty engineering firm. As President and Chief Operating Officer of Novacor Chemicals, he was responsible for the company's investments and operations and established the company as a leader in plant reliability, utilization rates, occupational health and safety, and environmental performance in North America. In addition to industry knowledge and expertise, Mr. Feick's experience brings the Board exceptionally valuable insight into the environmental, health and safety area.

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