President and Chief Executive Officer
Vicki Hollub

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Executive and Senior Vice Presidents
Edward A. (Sandy) Lowe
Executive Vice President
Group Chairman, Middle East

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Marcia E. Backus
Senior Vice President, General Counsel and Chief Compliance Officer

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Kenneth Dillon
Senior Vice President and President
International Oil and Gas Operations

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Robert Palmer
Senior Vice President, Technical and Supply Chain Services

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Robert Peterson
Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer

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Jeff F. Simmons
Senior Vice President, Technical Planning and Evaluation

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Glenn Vangolen
Senior Vice President, Business Support

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Vice Presidents
Burnis J. (B.J.) Hebert
Occidental Chemical Corporation

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Jeff Bennett
President and General Manager, Permian Resources and Rockies

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Fred Forthuber
President, Oxy Energy Services

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Richard Jackson
President and General Manager, EOR and Oxy Low Carbon Ventures

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Sunil Mathew
Vice President, Strategic Planning, Analysis and Business Development

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Melissa Schoeb
Vice President, Corporate Affairs

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