Content Index

This Content Index refers to the IPIECA-API-IOGP sector-specific performance issues and indicators for the global oil and gas industry. Occidental's Social Responsibility Content Index also cross-references the Indicators from the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) G4 Sustainability Reporting Guidelines and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).


IPIECA Indicator

GRI Indicator



Climate Change
and Energy

E1: Greenhouse gas emissions

EN15, EN16, EN18, EN19


E2: Energy use

EN3, EN5

E3: Alternative Energy Sources


E4: Flared gas


Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services

E5: Biodiversity and ecosystem services

EN11, EN12, EN13


E6: Fresh water

EN8, EN10, EN22

E7: Discharges to water

EN8, EN9, EN10, EN22, EN27

Local Environmental Impact

E8: Other air emissions

EN20, EN21


E9: Spills to the environment

EN24, EN29

E10: Waste

EN23, EN27

E11: Decommissioning

Health and Safety

Workforce Protection

HS1: Workforce protection


HS2: Workforce health


HS3: Occupational injury and illness incidents


Product Health, Safety and Environmental Risks

HS4: Product stewardship

EN27, PR3

Process Safety and Asset Integrity

HS5: Process safety

Social and Economic

Community and Society

SE1: Local community impacts and engagement

EC8, SO1, SO2, SO9, SO11

SE2: Indigenous peoples



SE3: Involuntary resettlement


SE4: Social investment

EC7, EC8


Local Content

SE5: Local content practices


SE6: Local hiring practices and performance


SE7: Local procurement and supplier development

EC9, EN32, EN33, LA14, LA15, HR1, SO9, SO10

Human Rights

SE8: Human rights due diligence

LA15, LA16, HR1, HR2, HR3, HR5, HR9, HR12


SE9: Human rights and suppliers

LA14, LA15, HR1, HR5, HR6, HR10, HR11

SE10: Security and human rights

LA14, HR2, HR5, HR7

Business and Transparency

SE11: Preventing corruption

SO3, SO4, SO5, SO7


SE12: Preventing corruption involving business partners

SO3, SO4, SO5

SE13: Transparency of payments to host governments


SE14: Public advocacy and lobbying


Labor practices

SE15: Workforce diversity and inclusion

LA1, LA12

SE16: Workforce engagement


SE17: Workforce training and development

LA9, LA10

SE18: Non-retaliation and grievance system

LA16, SO10, SO11