Social Impact Assessments

As stipulated in the Human Rights Policy, Occidental conducts social impact assessments for existing operations and before launching new projects in international locations. This information assists the business units in developing customized Social Responsibility (SR) strategies and action plans to address challenges, harness opportunities and engage with stakeholders about their interests and concerns. These assessments also contribute to proactive Social Responsibility planning across the company. In 2012, Occidental conducted new social risk assessments or updated previous assessments at several domestic and international locations. For example, Occidental updated its assessment in South Texas and expanded the assessments in several international locations to focus on local small-and medium-sized enterprises.

Occidental's stakeholder engagement strategy is based on continued community participation. For example, in the Arauca department of Colombia, Occidental-funded El Alcaraván Foundation has identified and implemented social investment programs for more than two decades. Using the “Communications for Development” strategy, El Alcaraván collaborates with communities in every step of the process, building trust, exchanging knowledge and skills and creating projects that result in positive change.