Process Safety and Asset Integrity

Occidental applies rigorous Health, Environment and Safety (HES) risk management and Asset Integrity (AI) programs to safeguard personnel, protect the environment and maintain operational reliability of equipment and systems in our plants and fields. Our risk-based AI program includes several key elements: mechanical integrity, maintenance, corrosion management and quality assurance/quality control. Occidental developed an innovative AI management system to maintain a high level of equipment and systems integrity throughout its facilities, involving operations, facility engineering, major projects, construction and supply chain, business planning and HES. Occidental's AI program leverages the experience of engineers and specialists in mechanical integrity, maintenance, corrosion and other disciplines to manage and coordinate technical requirements and assist in program implementation, execution, review and improvement. This fosters a consistent approach worldwide and promotes the use of standardized tools and processes. We also extend this approach to the joint ventures that we operate.

The foundation for Occidental's successful AI program is the classification of systems and equipment that must remain available to maintain safe and reliable operations. Once critical equipment is classified, Mechanical Integrity teams develop detailed inspection and testing strategies and procedures for each specific equipment category. Occidental uses an internationally recognized and rigorous risk-based inspection process to prioritize and manage its inspection programs for critical equipment. It reflects up-to-date facility information and helps focus resources where they provide the greatest benefit. Inspection methods include on-stream techniques that minimize impact to operations. We evaluate and deploy innovative technologies and advanced techniques to increase the accuracy, confidence, reliability and scope of asset integrity inspections.

Occidental's capital investments in maintenance and its AI program emphasize mitigation of risks to people. We also continually invest in inspection activities, projects to upgrade or replace facilities and pipelines in environmentally sensitive areas, and automated control systems to detect and mitigate leaks and spills to the environment. Occidental has also reinforced operator authority to safely shut down facilities, pipelines and wells – without the need to first contact a supervisor – when a potential incident is detected. Together, these efforts have enabled our operators to detect and immediately take steps to mitigate incidents.