HESMS Elements

Occidental continues to validate and improve its Health, Environment and Safety (HES) policies and HES Management System (HESMS) to address new business activities and challenges. Our vision remains focused on protecting people and the environment and increasing stockholder value by providing reliable, cost-effective energy and chemical products that are essential to society, public health and modern life.

Occidental's HESMS incorporates the following seven elements:

  1. Leadership
  2. Senior management is committed to implementing HES policies and procedures, and fostering a business culture that values the importance of HES success.

  3. Policy and Strategic Objectives
  4. Defining HES goals, principles and strategies is key to achieving sustained improvement in HES performance.

  5. Organization, Resources and Documentation
  6. Processes ensure human, financial and organizational resources are in place.

  7. Risk Management and Evaluation
  8. Identifying and evaluating HES risks are necessary for developing appropriate risk-management measures.

  9. Planning
  10. Operational effectiveness rests on the integration of and planning for HES requirements.

  11. Implementation and Monitoring
  12. HES performance is routinely tracked with other quantifiable business goals and objectives.

  13. Auditing and Reviewing
  14. Periodic assessment of HES systems and performance by trained company HES auditors independent of the subject facility or operation, supplemented by third party auditors as warranted, leads to program and performance improvements.