HES Principles

Health, Environment and Safety (HES) is a cornerstone of Occidental's operations, from the initial acquisition or design of a project through construction, operation and closure, and it is an essential element in meeting Occidental's goals as Partner of Choice®.

Occidental's HESMS is based upon the following 10 HES Principles:

  1. Safeguard the health and safety of people and protect the environment using design procedures, work practices and employee training

  2. Correct operating conditions that have a significant adverse HES impact

  3. Reduce waste generation and responsibly manage waste disposal

  4. Reduce pollutant releases to the environment

  5. Make efficient use of water and other natural resources

  6. Use energy efficiently

  7. Provide information on the safe use and disposal of Occidental's products

  8. Maintain a dialogue with neighboring communities about HES concerns

  9. Ensure ongoing enterprise-wide communications, including with the Board of Directors

  10. Report annually on Occidental's HES performance