Governance and Transparency


Occidental promotes high ethical standards, institutional integrity and effective corporate governance in every facet of its enterprise. We have implemented a number of policies and systems that establish clear performance expectations for business conduct by our workforce, including respect for the cultural values of our employees, contractors and neighboring communities, and the promotion of human rights.  

  • The comprehensive Code of Business Conduct  summarizes the policies that govern the business activities of the company. It affirms our commitment to high standards of ethical conduct and provides a quick source of information to employees and others seeking guidance, including identifying the resources available to report concerns.
  • The Human Rights Policy  defines Occidental's commitment to promoting in its business activities those rights and freedoms universally recognized in international as well as national law.
  • The Corporate Governance policies address the structure and operation of the Board of Directors, including director independence, tenure, Board and Committee performance assessment and succession planning.
  • Comprehensive Health, Environment and Safety (HES) policies and procedures address public and occupational health and safety, industrial hygiene, environmental protection and HES risk management and provide the platform for incorporating human rights compliance into the company's operations.

Occidental strives to work with partners, suppliers and contractors who share our commitment to ethical business practices, safety, people and the environment. As a part of the Compliance Program, Occidental routinely evaluates prospective business partners, contractors, suppliers and agents and conveys our expectation that they comply with the Company's policies, including the Code of Business Conduct. Our international procurement contracts include provisions with respect to the observance of human rights, ethical business conduct and other relevant policies.