Human Rights

Occidental actively promotes respect for human rights among employees, contractors and neighboring communities through robust operating policies, training and awareness activities. Occidental’s Human Rights Policy, in place since 2004, defines Occidental's human rights commitments and provides guidelines for the implementation of the policy.

Occidental also supports regular communication of its Human Rights Policy with potential and existing contractors. As part of the company's Supply Chain Management and Compliance Program, Occidental conveys the expectation that its contractors, suppliers and agents acknowledge key company operating policies, such as the Human Rights Policy. Background checks are required for security personnel prior to their employment at Occidental and private security contracts include provisions requiring adherence to the Human Rights Policy. In addition, all Occidental security employees and private security personnel receive mandatory training under the Human Rights Policy, both at the commencement of employment and annually thereafter. 

Occidental’s Human Rights Policy — available in Arabic, English and Spanish — reinforces the company's commitments to:

  • Respect the cultural values of the communities in which the company operates

  • Understand and appropriately address concerns raised by stakeholders

  • Provide a workplace free of child labor, harassment and discrimination

  • Operate in accordance with universally recognized rights and freedoms set forth in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the ILO Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work.

  • Investigate any allegations or complaints that involve a potential violation of Occidental's Human Rights Policy

Occidental actively engages with community stakeholders at town meetings, through surveys, and with direct consultations to help understand local issues and manage expectations. This regular engagement informs our policies and systems to ensure that human rights including, where appropriate, indigenous people's rights are consistently considered throughout our operations. To complement these efforts, Occidental's human rights training materials are made available to community representatives.

Occidental promotes and advances the implementation of human rights with industry partners and groups from outside the oil and gas sector. For example, Occidental Colombia – as a member of the Mining and Energy Committee (Comité Minero-Energético, or CME), a Colombia-based forum of extractive companies – actively supports the CME to promote and advance security and human rights best practices. Supported by International Alert, Occidental Colombia delivered training workshops to its security employees and the private security personnel employed in the La Cira Infantas operation to identify and assess current practices in the interaction with the Colombian Public Security Forces.

In recognition of the ongoing negotiations for peace and reconciliation in Colombia, Occidental Colombia extended the commemoration of Human Rights Day (December 10th) into Human Rights Week. During Human Rights Week, Occidental hosted workshops to promote values such as respect, responsibility and leadership, as part of a broader strategy to promote peace-building and stakeholder engagement.