Environmental Stewardship


Occidental is committed to responsible environmental stewardship throughout its operations. We consistently apply the Health, Environment and Safety Management System (HESMS) to assess and manage potential risks in key environmental focus areas and to facilitate:

  • Compliance with environmental laws and regulations

  • Efficient use of energy, land, water and other natural resources

  • Preservation of habitat and biodiversity

  • Control of emissions

  • Proactive management and mitigation of environmental risks

  • Responsible remediation of the company's past operating or waste management practices

  • Pursuit of continuous improvement in environmental protection

As a leader in enhanced oil recovery (EOR), we extend oil and gas production from long-lived assets. We believe that using existing infrastructure such as roads, pipelines and storage and processing facilities to recover additional oil and gas from existing fields provides significant life-cycle environmental benefits.

Resource conservation and pollution prevention are key tenets of OxyChem's Health, Environment, Safety and Security (HES&S) Philosophy and Principles, as well as the American Chemistry Council Responsible Care® Program. Employees at OxyChem plants regularly participate in community advisory panels with neighboring communities to discuss facility operations and environmental performance.

This section describes environmental topics and performance indicators most relevant to Occidental stakeholders such as biodiversity and habitat conservation, energy use, greenhouse gas emissions, water and waste management.