Crude Oil Releases

Preventing releases of crude oil is a priority throughout our operations. Occidental’s capital investments in maintenance and its asset integrity program emphasize mitigation of risks to people. We also continually invest in (i) inspection activities, (ii) projects to upgrade or replace facilities and pipelines in environmentally sensitive areas, and (iii) automated control systems to detect and mitigate leaks and spills to the environment. Occidental monitors and remediates spills that extend off-site or beyond secondary containment in accordance with applicable regulatory guidance to minimize any significant environmental effects.

Occidental tracks the volume of reportable spills of crude oil (including natural gas condensate), excluding spills caused by third parties or natural disasters and net of quantities recovered in liquid form. In 2015, Occidental's net volume of reportable oil spilled totaled 5,370 barrels, an increase from 5,140 barrels in 2014. The net volume of crude oil condensate released in 2015 was 0.0023 percent of production (or 23 barrels per million BOE produced), an eight percent improvement from the prior year. Occidental's three-year annual average spill volume during 2013-2015 was .0023 percent of production.