Environmental Remediation

Occidental maintains a wholly owned subsidiary, Glenn Springs Holdings, Inc., to uphold Occidental's commitment to protect health, safety and the environment at former operating locations and historical environmental sites of Occidental entities.  The scientists, engineers and project managers at Glenn Springs employ advanced, environmentally sound methods and innovative site restoration and management solutions in cooperation with interested stakeholders.  Through proactive engagement with relevant agencies and with the development and application of common process initiatives and tools, Glenn Springs is able to effectively provide consistent results at Occidental sites currently or previously used for industrial, mining, or commercial activities.

Notable remediation efforts include the Lower North Potato Creek at the Copper Basin Project in Tennessee. Dating back to the 1850s, the Copper Basin was a site of extensive copper mining and industrial processing. Mining activities at the Copper Basin property ceased in late 1980s. Afterward, Occidental became the administrator of the site following the bankruptcy of the property's former owners. The environmental restoration program led by Glenn Springs at Copper Basin has improved water quality in the Ocoee River, enhanced vegetation and reinvigorated local wildlife habitat. The remediation represents many years of collaborative work with Glenn Springs, the Tennessee Department of Environmental Conservation (TDEC), Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA), the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and other federal, state and local agencies.

At the site of a former chemical facility in Montague, Michigan, Glenn Springs implemented a comprehensive wildlife enhancement plan benefiting several species of mammals, birds and insects. In 2015, the site received the Wings over Wetlands Award from Ducks Unlimited in recognition of its accomplishments. Some of the Montague conservation program's features include:

  • Creation of a long-term forest management plan

  • Creation of 35 acres of wetlands and aquatic habitat

  • Creation of two timber ponds

  • Planting and maintaining over 80 acres of native prairie grasses

  • Establishment of nearly 30 acres of wildlife food plots

Since 2012, Glenn Springs has earned four national habitat awards from the WHC, National Wild Turkey Federation (Montague and the Prairie Wetland Conservation Area in Wichita, Kansas), Pheasants Forever (Wichita) and Ducks Unlimited (Montague and Wichita).