Ownership Changes

​​​Ownership Changes

Find the information and documents required to complete different types of ownership changes. All information regarding changes of ownership are directed to a Land Administration contact.

Name Changes

An individual's name changes due to marriage or divorce:

  • Copy of Marriage Certificate or Divorce Decree reinstating maiden name change or other documents affecting name change

Company or corporation changes its name:

  • Certificate of Name Change including Tax ID

Company or corporation’s name change due to a merger:

  • Certificate of Merger including Tax ID

Partnership Change
Trust or Partnership is created:

  • Trust or Partnership Agreement

  • If appropriate, recorded document conveying the interest in a property to a Trust or Partnership

Trust or Partnership is terminated:

  • Dissolution of Trust or Partnership

  • If appropriate, a recorded conveyances to beneficiary

Changes in Trustee:

  • Recorded instrument whereby the successor trustee was appointed

Death of Owner
Owner died with a Will and probate proceedings are to be conducted in the state where the property is located:

  • Copy of Death Certificate

  • Certified copy of the Last Will & Testament recorded in the county where the property is located

  • Order admitting Will to Probate

  • Letters Testamentary

Owner died without a Will (intestate) and the Estate is under administration (Laws of Descent and Distribution will apply as relevant):

  • Copy of Death Certificate

  • Certified copy of the administration proceedings

Owner died without a Will (intestate) and no administration will be had, or with a Will which will not be probated:

  • Copy of Death Certificate

  • An Affidavit of Heirship properly completed and notarized. It should be executed by two disinterested parties and recorded in the county where this property is located.

Owner having a life estate dies:

  • The death certificate and a copy of the deed noting the life estate should be submitted to Land Administration.

  • The remaindermen address(es) and tax identification number(s) are required as well.

Interest is owned by Joint Tenancy and one dies:

  • Copy of Death Certificate of joint tenant

Miscellaneous Information
Sale of an interest:

  • Conveyance filed of record in the county/parish in which the property is located

Appointment of Attorney-in-Fact:

  • Copy of Power of Attorney

Ownership change due to divorce:

  • Complete Divorce Decree including Settlement Agreement

  • If appropriate, recorded conveyances