Items Affecting Payments

​​​​Items Affecting Payments

Market Conditions and Operational Issues:

  • Payments may vary from month to month due to fluctuations in price or production from individual wells.

  • Payments may be impacted by routine maintenance or operating issues which can affect the volumes produced from a well during a given period of time.


  • Quantity, price or ownership decimal revisions may necessitate payment adjustments.

  • Adjustments may be necessary to correct previous payments whether overpaid or underpaid.

  • It is a good idea to keep the check detail for future reference in the event adjustments occur.


  • Payments can be held in suspense because of a transfer of interest from one owner to another, notice of death, missing address or Tax ID Number, or other legal or operational issues.

  • Amounts due are accumulated and are released when the matter in question has been resolved and all related documents have been received and processed.

  • All payments are retroactive to the date of suspension.​