Oxy Energy Canada

Oxy Energy Canada, Inc.

Oxy Energy Canada, Inc. (OEC) is a subsidiary of Occidental​. OEC's primary business is to market natural gas in Canada, and in conjunction with Occidental Energy Marketing, Inc. (OEMI), to provide secure Canadian-sourced supplies to service U.S. markets through main transportation corridors. OEC also leases storage and transportation assets to help protect against market volatility.

OEC leverages Occidental's financial strength with the expertise of OEMI to provide seamless services to U.S. and Canadian customers. This centralized approach provides customers with a single source for acquiring natural gas in Canada or the U.S. and eliminates the need to contact multiple parties in North America. It also allows an efficient interface between middle and back office systems, making business with OEC fast and effective.

Primary business functions:

  • Purchase Canadian-produced natural gas for resale to Canadian and U.S. wholesale markets in Eastern and Midwest Canada and the Western United States.

  • Purchase Canadian-produced natural gas for resale to OEMI at the international border to supply OEMI's U.S. wholesale and power generation customers in California, Upper Northwest, Midwest and Northeast markets.

  • Lease Canadian storage and transportation assets in Western and Eastern Canada to facilitate serving Canadian and U.S. wholesale and power generation customers.

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