Well Servicing


Well servicing comprises the many activities performed on wells, such as initial completion (opening the wellbore to its initial producing zone), re-completion into additional producing zones, stimulation (injecting fluids and materials to increase production), diagnostics and maintenance. This work is most often accomplished using well servicing rigs, although rigless operations also are common.

Occidental has developed simple yet powerful tools and systems to improve the performance of its well servicing operations. These systems track well service jobs and break each operation down for both time and cost analysis. Trends and results are also tracked to identify areas for improvement. In addition, the software is integrated with other systems to aid in the scheduling of well servicing operations. Finally, we post audit systems to track the effectiveness of accomplishing well servicing objectives.

In the Permian Basin, Occidental has developed surveillance tools that provide real-time monitoring of well service rigs. Cameras provide live video of activity on rigs and worksites, which is fed to a secure website that can be viewed from anywhere in the world. Other tools capture the wind speed, temperature and a record of any onsite alarms.


​Well servicing rig operating in one of Occidental's CO2 floods in the Permian Basin in Texas.