Our products are used in many industries that enhance quality of life, including agriculture, automotive, building and construction, energy, electronics, food and beverages, health care and medical, pharmaceutical and water treatment.

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Chlorine is an essential building block in thousands of products that make our lives safer, healthier and more convenient. One of the most abundant naturally occurring chemical elements, chlorine plays a role in more than 50 percent of all commercial chemistry. It plays a vital role in keeping the world's water supplies safe by controlling harmful bacteria and viruses that can cause potentially deadly diseases such as typhoid and cholera. Approximately 98 percent of U.S. public water treatment systems are chlorine-based. It is an essential building block for pharmaceuticals (including antibiotics, pain relievers, cancer treatments), plastics, dyes, cosmetics, construction materials, shatter-resistant glasses, bulletproof vests, electronics, adhesives, automobile parts (including seat belts) and sports equipment.

Sodium Hydroxide

Commonly known as caustic soda, sodium hydroxide is coproduced with chlorine and has a wide variety of applications in many industries, including pulp and paper, aluminum, soaps and detergents, textiles, petrochemicals and chemical processing. Caustic soda is also used in the production of bleach, food processing, water treatment, battery recycling, pharmaceuticals, drilling muds, petroleum refining and agricultural chemicals.

Potassium Hydroxide

Potassium hydroxide, or caustic potash, is used by the soap and detergent, fertilizer and chemical industries. Other uses for caustic potash are molten salts, dyes, pharmaceuticals, photographic chemicals and batteries.

Vinyl Chloride Monomer/Polyvinyl Chloride

Vinyl chloride monomer is the key chemical precursor to polyvinyl chloride. PVC is widely used in medical applications, piping systems, siding, irrigation and sewer systems, electrical conduits, window frames, water distribution systems, wire and cable insulation, flooring and wallcoverings, fencing, gutters and downspouts, landfill liners and fire-sprinkler piping.

Calcium Chloride

Calcium chloride is largely used to control snow and ice on sidewalks, parking lots and roads; to suppress dust on unpaved surfaces; and for road stabilization. Its use has been extended through a variety of innovative applications in oil field operations, industrial processing, agriculture, water treatment, refrigeration systems and tire weighting.

Chlorinated Organics

OxyChem's chlorinated organics are used as chemical feedstock and intermediates in the manufacturing of silicones, agricultural chemicals, refrigerants, quaternary ammonium compounds and pharmaceuticals. Other applications include metal and electronics cleaning, paint stripping, flexible foam manufacturing and catalyst regeneration.


Sodium silicate is the generic name for a series of compounds derived from soluble sodium silicate glasses. They serve a wide range of end-use markets, including thermal and acoustical insulation, ceramics, soaps and detergents, paper products, paint and pigments, and water treatment.

ACL® Chlorinated Isocyanurates

Chlorinated isocyanurates are leading dry sanitizers used for residential swimming pools and spas, effectively eliminating germs and algae. Their disinfection properties make them an important component of dishwashing detergents and industrial water treatment products. OxyChem's chlorinated isocyanurates are also approved for routine potable water chlorination.​​​​ 

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