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Letter to Stakeholders 

Stephen I. Chazen
President and Chief Executive Officer

We strive to achieve our performance objectives while conducting our business in a responsible manner.

Social responsibility integrates Oxy's core values of safety, integrity and respect for people and the environment, which are fundamental to the company's success.

Consistent with these values, we focus on the safety of our workers and neighbors in all our business activities and operations. At every Oxy location, we have robust programs to identify, communicate and mitigate risks. Our Stop Work Authority empowers every employee to take immediate action to address risks and prevent injuries or environmental incidents.

Oxy's employees and contractors achieved their best-ever safety performance in 2012, based on the U.S. Department of Labor's Injury and Illness Incidence Rate (IIR), which indicates recordable injuries and illnesses per 100 full-time workers per year. Our worldwide employee IIR of 0.33 was an Oxy record and, impressively, less than one-tenth of the 2011 all-U.S. industry IIR of 3.5. Our 0.55 worldwide contractor IIR also was an Oxy best, and the fifth consecutive year below 1.0. Sadly, one of our contractors died in an accident during a rig demobilization in 2012. We conducted a full investigation with the contractor's company and measures were implemented to prevent this from happening again. We continue to focus aggressively on preventing and reducing risk of injuries or incidents throughout our operations

Oxy's strong environmental record is essential to our success. Reflecting that commitment, we strive to minimize impacts and protect resources, wildlife and habitat in our operating locations. We extensively reuse and recycle water and carbon dioxide, manage waste responsibly, invest in energy efficiency and asset integrity, and participate in habitat conservation programs.

Oxy's operations generate considerable economic value in local communities through our purchasing activities, hiring practices, production of oil and gas for host governments, and tax and royalty payments. In 2012, we paid more than $3.7 billion in worldwide taxes, including income, production, property and payroll taxes. We purchased approximately $12.8 billion in goods and services for our domestic operations from vendors in the U.S., more than $2 billion from vendors in Oman and Qatar combined, and approximately $570 million from vendors in Colombia. At year-end, our global workforce comprised more than 40,000 employees and contractors, including more than 26,000 employees and contractors in the U.S.

The oil and gas industry faces a shortage of technically skilled personnel as a generation of experienced workers transitions to retirement. We must attract and nurture talented employees and identify and prepare the next generation of leaders for our company. To that end, we are committed to providing high-quality training and educational resources. We create knowledge-sharing opportunities between our seasoned employees and newly hired professionals, and we recently implemented a “Foundations of Management” course for first-time managers. We are also strengthening the OxyWellness program to help employees and their families improve health, nutrition and fitness while enhancing our sense of community.

We firmly believe that operating responsibly, guided by our core values, is essential to grow the company and maintain Oxy's well-deserved reputation as a partner, neighbor and employer of choice. Our Social Responsibility reporting highlights Oxy's activities that promote health and safety, protect the environment, develop our global workforce and create positive impacts in the communities where we operate.

Stephen I. Chazen
President and Chief Executive Officer