Social Responsibility Framework

Occidental's Social Responsibility (SR) framework is rooted in our core values of integrity, investment and innovation. This framework promotes transparency and collaboration with our key stakeholders to develop and implement sustainable SR programs. These programs support company business objectives and positively affect people, communities and the environment. At our business locations, we follow established procedures to gain an understanding of how Occidental's presence affects the surrounding area and the challenges faced by local communities. By investing in programs and initiatives that manage operational impacts and address key stakeholder concerns, we are able to strengthen relationships with communities and create shared value for stakeholders and Occidental.

Occidental's SR commitments and ongoing initiatives are categorized into five pillars: governance and transparency, workforce development, health and safety, environmental stewardship and economic and social development. A brief overview of each pillar can be found in the table below.   13OCCP47-SR-Framework-B_R4b.jpg