Employee Engagement

Occidental's long-term success depends on open communication and active collaboration among employees and company leaders. Regular town hall assemblies, management roundtables, and meetings within our business units ensure our workforce has opportunities to discuss Health, Environment and Safety (HES), Social Responsibility (SR) and business performance with Occidental leadership. Many innovations in our business operations, including enhancements to our HES Management System (HESMS) and SR programs, stem from these discussions.

Occidental's early career employees also have numerous opportunities to distinguish themselves and network with senior management through the Early Career Network (ECN). Established in 2007, ECN is employee led and has a membership of nearly 400 young professionals across a wide range of functional areas within Occidental. From management roundtables and leadership lunches to group outings and organized volunteer activities, ECN's events help integrate new employees into Occidental, strengthen the company's culture, and help employees create lifelong friendships and bonds.