Product Responsibility

Occidental Chemical Corporation (OxyChem), a wholly owned subsidiary of Occidental Petroleum Corporation, is a leading North American manufacturer and marketer of PVC resins, basic chemicals such as chlorine and caustic soda, and various specialty chemical products. As a manufacturer and marketer of commodity and specialty chemicals, OxyChem generally does not sell directly to end-users, but instead sells its products to other manufacturers.

HES and Security Philosophy

OxyChem is committed to high ethical standards and continually strives to ensure safe production, distribution, use and disposal of its products. The following principles provide the foundation of OxyChem's operating philosophy:

  • Utilize Health, Environment, Safety and Security (HES&S) systems, procedures, work practices and employee training to enhance HES&S performance, awareness and compliance.

  • Design, construct and maintain facilities consistent with recognized engineering standards.

  • Responsibly manage waste materials.

  • Minimize the release of pollutants to the environment.

  • Make efficient use of energy and natural resources.

  • Protect facilities to ensure safe operations and continued supply of product.

  • Provide information on the safe handling, use and disposal of OxyChem products.

  • Maintain dialogue with communities about HES&S issues.

  • Work with stakeholders to ensure products deliver their intended benefits to society while protecting public health and the environment.

Exemplary commitment to these principles is integral to OxyChem's success. Above all, the company strives to improve HES&S performance and product responsibility through dedicated leadership and the involvement and accountability of all employees.

Product Stewardship Program

OxyChem is committed to high ethical standards and the protection of health, safety and the environment. Product stewardship is one of the cornerstones of OxyChem's business, and the company's rigorous programs have for many years helped us earn a reputation as one of the safest producers in the industry. OxyChem's Product Stewardship systems help ensure the safe and knowledgeable use of our products throughout the world and universal compliance with product-related regulations. OxyChem's Product Stewardship Program includes the following areas: ACC Responsible Care®, Product Stewardship, and Product Safety.

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American Chemistry Council (ACC) Responsible Care®

An active member of the American Chemistry Council (ACC), OxyChem has implemented the ACC's Responsible Care® principles, as well as codes and standards of the ACC, the Chlorine Institute and the Vinyl Institute. The American Chemistry Councils' Responsible Care® program is a global initiative that is practiced today by national and regional economies around the world. Responsible Care® has helped American Chemistry Council (ACC) member companies significantly enhance their performance, discover new business opportunities, and improve employee safety, the health of the communities in which they operate and the environment as a whole. The Responsible Care® program is structured around a set of specific health, environment and safety metrics with performance goals that are often more stringent than corresponding government requirements, and verifies conformance through internal and external audits.

OxyChem's headquarters and facilities have been certified by an independent, accredited auditor to meet the ACC's Responsible Care® Management System standards (RCMS®: 2008). Maintaining this certification requires periodic assessments and the review of product safety and handling with customers, including site visits as warranted. In 2015, the OxyChem plant in Chile was revalidated in Responsible Care® for another three year term.

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Product Stewardship

A function of OxyChem's Product Stewardship program is compliance with various chemical product regulations including:

  • The United States Environmental Protection Agency pesticide product registration program (FIFRA)

  • The Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA)

  • The European Union's REACH (Registration, Evaluation and Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals)

  • Classification, Labelling and Packaging (CLP) regulations

  • American Chemistry Council's Responsible Care® Product Safety Code

Additional SDS and label versions have been designed for compliance with world-wide regulatory requirements. The SDS are posted to and are available to the public and first responders.

Product Safety

OxyChem assesses the health and safety impacts of its products periodically through its product stewardship program. OxyChem has established a risk management program for products and major secondary materials manufactured by OxyChem.  The risk assessment for each chemical is based on analysis of the hazard it poses and its likelihood of exposure.  Using this strategy, products are evaluated and prioritized for potential adverse effects, and risk-reduction practices are implemented, such as recommending personal protective equipment and providing additional technical support to customers. Product Stewardship Summaries have also been developed for OxyChem's high priority and core chemicals.

OxyChem's customer and technical service departments provide information and support to customers on the safe and environmentally responsible handling and use of its products. Under its Responsible Care® program and ISO 9000 certification, OxyChem surveys its customers annually, reviews the results of these surveys, and identifies opportunities to improve products and services.

In accordance with U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) requirements, product labeling and Safety Data Sheets (SDS) have been prepared for all OxyChem products and are routinely provided to customers. SDS provide comprehensive product information, including chemical composition, use of personal protective equipment, instructions for safe handling, and environmental and health information.

The vast majority of OxyChem's products are delivered in bulk via pipeline, tanker trucks or rail cars. Railcars and tank trailers are placarded with appropriate hazard warnings, and hazard information is provided to the transporter.  In addition, all OxyChem products transported in drums, bags and other non-rail or trailer containers are labeled with product information that follows applicable regulations when they leave our facilities.

OxyChem product advertisements and promotional materials are based on information from technical study reports. In 2015, OxyChem did not receive any allegations of non-compliance with agency regulations regarding the marketing or advertising of its current products, or with health and safety regulations applicable to the product labeling and stewardship of its current products.