Emergency Planning and Hurricane Preparedness

The key to effective emergency preparedness is practice. Occidental stresses the importance of safety drills and various emergency scenarios across all its operations.  Employees are trained in how to respond to emergencies and to test business resiliency systems, such as communications networks and data centers.

Occidental coordinates its emergency plans with government institutions and public officials on issues of mutual importance, such as a storm response and evacuation. In the Houston-Galveston region, June through November marks the hurricane season. Occidental engages with federal, state and local agencies and local industry to coordinate hurricane plans and, on occasion, to participate in drills to simulate what would happen during a potential hurricane situation. These drills and related activities help to streamline communication among emergency response agencies, local governments and Occidental's emergency management teams.

Occidental also works with local and regional first responders. When Occidental realized that the Levelland Texas Fire Department's foam capabilities were not adequate, Occidental donated a foam pumper truck to bolster the department's ability to respond to industrial fires and spills.

Occidental was one of several industry partners to deliver the "Well Control Incident Management" emergency response training course to firefighters in Carlsbad and Artesia, New Mexico. The course provided critical emergency training designed to better equip first responders to coordinate and respond to oilfield emergencies.

"Keeping the community safe is our first priority, and this exercise should help us continue to achieve this, especially in the oilfield "- Richard Lopez, Carlsbad Fire Chief