Tax and Lobbying Transparency

Occidental's policy with respect to political contributions and lobbying activities is outlined in the Code of Business Conduct. In response to investor interest, Occidental revised its online disclosure on these activities. Occidental's disclosure includes a description of the oversight procedures in place to ensure that Occidental's participation in the political arena is in the best interest of the company and its stockholders. At the direction of the Board of Directors, the Government Affairs Committee reviews, assesses and approves Occidental's membership in any trade association that requires or would require annual dues payments in excess of $50,000. Additionally, issues on which these associations or groups engaged in lobbying are included in the lobbying disclosure forms filed by these organizations.

Occidental also discloses the list of contributions made by the company and by the Occidental Petroleum Corporation Political Action Committee (OXYPAC), a non-partisan political action committee to which employees may voluntarily contribute. Occidental employees are under no obligation to participate in the Occidental Petroleum Corporation Political Action Committee (OXYPAC).

For additional information, please visit the Political Contributions and Lobbying page in the Investor Relations section of our website.​