Middle East

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Occidental has been an active investor in the Middle East for more than four decades. We are well regarded in this key region for our strong performance record, technical expertise and effective working relationships with strategic partners.

Our Middle East operations represent 46% of 2015 total worldwide production, where our focus areas are Qatar, Oman and the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Our net developed and undeveloped oil and gas assets in the region total approximately 5.7 million acres.

In Oman, our operations are concentrated at the Mukhaizna Field in south-central Oman, and the Safah and Wadi Latham fields and Block 62 in northern Oman. During its more than 30-year tenure in Oman, Occidental has increased production, reserves and scope, and today is the largest independent oil producer in the Sultanate.

Occidental is the second-largest oil producer offshore Qatar, where we participate in: Idd El Shargi North Dome (ISND), located approximately 50 miles east of the Qatar peninsula; Idd El Shargi South Dome (ISSD), about 15 miles south of ISND; and Al Rayyan, located northeast of the Qatar peninsula. For two decades, Occidental has worked in close cooperation with Qatar Petroleum to develop and operate offshore oilfields.

Occidental also participates in the Dolphin Gas Project, the premier transborder natural gas project in the Middle East. One of the region’s largest energy initiatives, Dolphin supplies natural gas — produced from wells offshore Qatar, processed at Ras Laffan and transported through a 230-mile subsea pipeline — to markets in the UAE and Oman.

In the UAE, Occidental has partnered with the Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC) on the Al HosnGas Project to develop the Shah field, one of the largest natural gas fields in the Middle East. This became fully operational in 2015. The development also features gas processing facilities which include facilities to extract sulfur from natural gas and process it for sale.

Occidental conducts a majority of its Middle East business development activities through its office in Abu Dhabi.

Middle East

Four Decades

Occidental has been an active investor in the Middle East for more than four decades. For more facts about our operations in the region, read our Fast Facts brochures.