Supplier Help Desk

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For additional assistance with the iSupplier Portal and supplier related business processes, submit your inquiry to the Supplier Help Desk using the below form. Important: This form can be only used to submit inquiries related to Occidental's business in the U.S. The Supplier Help Desk contact phone numbers for Occidental's international locations are listed below after the form.

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 Supplier Help Desk Phone Numbers

Alternatively, call the applicable phone number on business days from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. CST for USA or local time for international locations:

Country (subsidiary)

Phone Number


+591-3- 3667777


+57 315 345-4155 int 8400


+218 21 483 1973


+968 24581003


+974 4459 383


+967 1 414990 ext 303

United Arab Emirates

+971 2 6917622

United States of America

+1 800-699-7680