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Occidental is California's largest producer of natural gas and the largest oil and gas producer on a gross-operated barrels of oil equivalent basis. In addition, the company is the largest oil and gas mineral acreage holder in the state with more than 2.3 million net acres, most of which are net fee mineral interests.

Occidental's California flagship operation is the Elk Hills Field in Kern County. Other significant California operations include Occidental’s interests in the giant Wilmington Field located in Long Beach, as well as interests in more than 125 fields primarily located in the San Joaquin, Ventura and Sacramento basins. Occidental also has other operations in the Los Angeles Basin area, including the Huntington Beach Field.

Occidental gained significant experience with shale production following the 1998 acquisition of the Elk Hills Field in Kern County. This prolific oilfield contains a number of shale zones — porous rock that contains hydrocarbons but has little permeability. Such formations require stimulation or special recovery processes to flow.

Development projects in many of the fields in California use enhanced oil recovery (EOR) techniques such as waterflood and thermal steam floods. New technology applications and sophisticated portfolio planning are key components of Occidental's success.

Occidental’s California operations at the Elk Hills, Pleito, North Shafter and Kern Front oilfields have been honored by the Department of Conservation's Division of Oil, Gas and Geothermal Resources (DOGGR) for consistently demonstrating oilfield practices of maintaining operations above the standards set by the California Code of Regulations.