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Our Businesses
Oil and Gas
Midstream and Marketing
CO2 Source Fields and Facilities
Power Generation

Occidental's Midstream and Marketing segment gathers, processes, transports, stores, purchases and markets oil, condensate, natural gas liquids (NGLs), natural gas, carbon dioxide (CO2) and power. The Midstream and Marketing segment provides services to other Occidental segments and third parties, as well as operates gas plants, oil, gas and CO2 pipeline systems and storage facilities. In addition, the marketing and trading group markets Occidental's and third-party oil and gas, trades around its assets, including transportation and storage capacity, and trades oil, NGLs, gas and other commodities. The Midstream and Marketing segment also invests in entities that conduct similar activities.

The Midstream and Marketing segment comprises the following businesses:

  • Pipelines – Occidental operates pipelines in the U.S. and holds interests in a pipeline in the Middle East. In the Permian Basin, Occidental owns Centurion Pipeline, an oil-gathering, common-carrier pipeline and storage system with approximately 2,900 miles of pipeline and storage capacity of 5.8 million barrels. Occidental also owns an interest in the General Partner of Plains All-American Pipeline, L.P. In the Middle East, Occidental has a 24.5-percent equity interest in Dolphin Energy, the operator and owner of the Dolphin Pipeline, a 230-mile, 48-inch natural gas pipeline with the capacity to transport up to 3.2 billion cubic feet of natural gas per day.
  • Marketing and TradingOccidental Energy Marketing, Inc. (OEMI) markets Occidental's equity production and engages in third-party marketing and trading activities.
  • Power Generation – Occidental owns three cogeneration plants – two in Texas, one in Louisiana – and a gas-fired combined cycle power plant at Elk Hills Field in California. Collectively, the four plants have the capacity to produce approximately 1,800 megawatts of electricity per hour.
  • Gas Processing Plants – Occidental's U.S. natural gas production and third-party production is processed through plants in California, Texas, New Mexico and Colorado.
  • CO2 Source Fields and Facilities – Occidental is one of the world's largest injectors of CO2 injection for enhanced oil recovery (EOR), a technique used to increase production from mature wells. CO2 is processed and transported for use in Occidental's EOR program.