Honors and Awards

Responsible Care® Company of the Year

OxyChem was named the American Chemistry Council’s 2015 "Responsible Care® Company of the Year." The award recognizes OxyChem's performance in Health, Environmental, Safety and Security, and the systems that OxyChem has in place to sustain this performance. This is the fifth time since 1998 that OxyChem has won one of the ACC's top honors.

OSHA Voluntary Protection Program

Eighteen OxyChem facilities, including the headquarters in Dallas, have achieved Star Status under the U.S. Occupational Safety & Health Administration’s (OSHA) Voluntary Protection Program as among the safest work sites in the U.S.

Vinyl Institute Awards

Nine OxyVinyls and OxyChem plants received awards from the Vinyl Institute (VI) in 2015 for excellence in worker safety performance and protecting the environment. The following plants received recognition from the VI: Convent (EDC Operations), Louisiana; Deer Park (VCM), Texas; Deer Park (PVC), Texas; Geismar (EDC Operations), Louisiana; Ingleside (VCM Operations), Texas; Niagara Falls (PVC), Ontario; Pasadena (PVC), Texas; Pedricktown (PVC), New Jersey; and La Porte (VCM), Texas.

Chlorine Institute Chairman's Safety Excellence Award

OxyChem’s Ingleside, Texas, plant received the Chlorine Institute (CI) Chairman’s Safety Excellence Award in 2015. To receive the Chairman’s Award, a facility must sustain zero OSHA recordable injuries, zero EPA Risk Management Program (RMP) incidents and zero EPA reportable quantity releases (RQ) for chlor-alkali chemicals over CI-specified milestone goals based on work hours. Ingleside employees have worked 1,625,000 hours (since October 2010) without an incident.

Rail Transportation Safety Awards

OxyChem received awards in 2015 for the safe transportation of material from Norfolk Southern Corporation, CSX Transportation and the Canadian National Railway Company. OxyChem was recognized for safely shipping without an incident more than 3,300 railcars via Norfolk Southern, more than 11,000 railcars via CSX Transportation, and more than 4,500 with the Canadian National Railway Company.

Fleet Safety Awards

OxyChem's Private Carriage organization was recognized in 2015 with multiple fleet safety awards from the Kansas Motor Carriers Association (KMCA) for outstanding 2014 fleet performance.  A first place plaque was received from the KMCA for outstanding safety achievement in highway safety for the Private Carrier Tank Truck Division less than 2,000,000 miles. A certificate was also received from the KMCA for improved safety performance in highway safety in the Private Carrier Division. Private Carriage travels more than 3,000,000 miles annually across the United States delivering products to our customers.  This mileage includes over 1,000,000 miles traveled in the state of Kansas.

American Chemistry Council Energy Efficiency Award

OxyChem plants in Geismar, Louisiana; Deer Park, Texas; Wichita, Kansas; Ingleside, Texas; La Porte, Texas; and Taft, Louisiana, received American Chemistry Council (ACC) Responsible Care Energy Efficiency Awards in 2015 for implementing energy-efficiency improvements.. Three programs at Deer Park and one each at Geismar, Ingleside and Wichita received Significant Improvement in Manufacturing awards, which are given to companies that improve energy efficiency in their manufacturing operations through technical innovations, creative projects or novel procedures or actions. The La Porte plant earned a Environmental Impact award, which is for initiatives with substantial environmental benefits, including reductions in greenhouse gas emissions, in addition to improvements in energy efficiency. The Taft plant received a Non-Manufacturing Improvement award, which is awarded for improvements resulting from energy-efficient lighting, insulation and other building improvements, as well as other non-manufacturing energy improvements.

[Source: http://www.americanchemistry.com/Media/PressReleasesTranscripts/ACC-news-releases/ACC-Announces-2015-Responsible-Care-Energy-Efficiency-Award-Winners.html]

Conservation Award

OxyChem's Wichita Plant and its affiliate Glenn Springs Holdings, Inc. received the Wildlife Habitat Council's 2014 Prairies for Tomorrow award for their conservation and prairie restoration efforts at the Prairie Wetlands Conservation Area adjacent to OxyChem's Wichita facility. The project is successfully restoring the land to its natural state of valuable upland wildlife habitat while also providing learning opportunities for the community's children and adults. 

Louisiana Chemical Association (LCA) S.A.F.E.

OxyChem's Convent and Taft plants were recognized as the Best in Louisiana by the Louisiana Chemical Association S.A.F.E. (Serious About Fostering Excellence) program for their excellence in safety, PSM, environmental performance and support of the local community.

Invensys Operations Management

OxyChem’s Taft, Louisiana, plant was awarded the Best Mobile Solution in Invensys Operations Management's annual Wonderware Open competition for its use of Wonderware IntelaTrac to ensure the proper function of critical instruments in its manufacturing facilities. Functional checks are performed on equipment to prevent and mitigate hazardous chemical release during routine and emergency operations.

City of Dallas Water Utilities Department Blue Thumb Award

OxyChem’s Dallas Silicates plant received the 2014 City of Dallas Water Utilities Department Blue Thumb Award, which recognizes local industrial plants that have excellent compliance history. This is the 22nd year in a row that the plant has been honored with the award. In order to receive the award in a given year (July 1 through June 30), an industrial manufacturer must be in compliance with all discharge limits and reporting requirements.