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Executive Stock Ownership 
The following is a summary of the Occidental common stock including stock awards, held by the company's named executive officers as of February 28, 2014. Occidental has had executive stock ownership guidelines in effect since January 1, 1996. To learn more about Occidental's executive stock ownership guidelines, click here.

Name and Title Sole Voting and
Shares (1)


Options (3)

Total Shares Beneficially Owned(4)

Deferred and Restricted/
Performance Stock Units(5)

Stephen I. Chazen
President and Chief Executive Officer
2,003,874 163,685 0 2,167,559 172,290
Willie C.W. Chiang
Executive Vice President, Operations
19,824 33,599 0 53,423 64,522
Donald P. de Brier
Corporate Executive Vice President and
Corporate Secretary
696,894 49,138 0 746,032 89,384
Ray R. Irani(6)
Executive Chairman
7,467,334(7) 107,681 0 7,575,015(7) 155,061
Edward A. Lowe
Vice President and
President, Oxy Oil and Gas, International Production
32,206 49,138 0 81,344 89,384
Cynthia L. Walker
Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer
7,990 15,916 0 23,906 40,488
(1) For the executive officers, includes shares held through the Occidental Petroleum Corporation Savings Plan as of February 28, 2014.
(2) For non-employee directors, includes shares which must be held for a period of time under the 2005 Long-Term Incentive Plan. For executive officers, includes shares granted in 2011, 2012 and 2013 as Restricted Stock Incentive awards, which remain forfeitable until the certification of the achievement of the performance goal.
(3) Includes options and stock appreciation rights which will be exercisable within 60 days.
(4) Represents the sum of the first three columns. For a more detailed analysis, see the 2014 Proxy Statement (PDF). For information on transactions subsequent to February 28, 2014, see the Statements of Changes in Beneficial Ownership on Form 4 filed by the named individuals, which can be found on the SEC Filings page in the Investor Relations section. 
(5) For executive officers, includes performance stock awards at target level for 2013 awards, and for 2011 and 2012 TSRI awards, at the mid-point performance level (Occidental rank of six out of twelve peer group companies), for RSI awards, the full number of shares and the stock portion of non-performance awards paid in stock and cash. In each case for performance awards, until the performance period ends and the awards are certified, no shares of common stock are issued. For non-employee directors, includes shares that directors have elected to defer.
(6) Dr. Irani ceased serving as an executive officer in May and separated from the company in 2013.
(7) Includes 270,000 shares beneficially owned by Dr. Irani through a limited partnership and the Irani Family Foundation.