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Project Examples:

  • Injection Conformance in Mature CO2 Floods
  • Evaluation of Under-Developed Reservoirs
  • Performance Evaluation of Rod Pumps and ESP Wells in Existing Fields
  • Seismic-Guided Property Modeling Using Multi-Attributes Cross-Plotting and Neural Network Techniques of A-Series Reservoirs
  • Land Activity, Including Lease Agreement Reviews, Ownership Identification and Review, Review and Monitor Saltwater Disposal Activities
  • Integrated Geological Evaluation of Reservoir Quality Mapping with the Yoakum-Wasson Clearfork Unit
  • Geostatic Application to Carbonate Exploration
  • Identification of Shallow Gas Sand Potential in Existing Fields
  • Regional Structure Mapping and Exploratory Evaluation Integrated Reservoir Quality Evaluation
  • Hydrocarbon Migration Along Faults and Fractures in Carbonates
  • Online Moisture Analysis of PVC
  • Post Appraisal of Well Stimulation Treatment Designs
  • Expert System Development for Beam Lift Wells
  • Regional Shale Exploitation Potential
  • Development of Field Specific Rock Physics Model
  • Evaluation of Moisture Analyzer Performance
  • Develop Stem Stripper Diversion Interlock
  • Perform Steam Trap Evaluation
  • Chlorine Automatic Closing Valve Replacement
  • Complete a Check Valve Gap Analysis

 Available Positions